Rules for submitting your sites:
1) First thing first Nothing Illegal, your site will be reported
2) We only want quality sites that are interested in long term traffic,home page Link trades and directory trades
3) Traffic trades will allways be on our home page right at the top, so its the first thing the surfer will see and deos not open in a new window, so that surfer will be all yours
4) Homepage links trades will allways be at the bottom of the page, as long as you keep our link up on your page, your link on our page will allways be live
5) Directory page trades will alllways be in the links directory page as long as you keep our link on your links directory
6) All sites that come up with funny bizness will be banned
7) Sites that make it impossible for anyone to find my link will not be accepted and banned
8) No pop ups,viruses,bots and other bullshit
9) Allways know that i moniter every hit that come to this page, if i find that you are cheating you will be reported to black list hubs
10) THIS IS A BIG ONE, do not change your site after we made the link/traffic exchange deal. Lets be fair to each other. I'm looking foward to along term traffic business. There is a lot of money to be made. Good luck to you.

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